Hamsters Gang is a Comic Book Metaverse of 4,444 unique Hamsters NFTs where each Hamsters has their own story.
Hamsters Gang is focusing on reward our holders, between more time you hold a Hamster NFTs, more benefits you'll get, like Baby Hamsters NFTs, Special Comics NFTs, NFts Books, Hamsters Merchandising etc.


Phase 0: Design and idea conceptualization 

      ✅Idea conceptualization

       ✅First sketches

       ✅Public awareness

       ✅Design completion

       ✅Open Whitelist 

       ✅First sketches of the design of comics                       metaverse.


NFTs mint drop in Randomearth

☑️Listing in Randomearth and others NFTs marketplaces

☑️Partnership with others project for ou                       Metaverse

☑️First sketches of the Baby Hamsters NFTs airdrop to Hamsters Gang NFTs holders

☑️Contest and raffles




Hold more, earn more

Our model of incetivation rewards you time of hold with more rewards, betweeen more time you hold more rewards you'll received. 

Own Your Story

Own Your Story means that each hamsters has a story in our Comic Metaverse, but some hamsters has their right to own their stories as NFTs.

Earn exclusive rewards

When you hold a Hamsters Gang NFTs, you have the chance to earn amazing rewards like Hmasters Merchandising, NFTs Books, Printed Comic Book, Comic Book as NFTs, Baby Hamsters Airdrop and a lot more.

The Comic

Hamsters Gang Comic Edition #1, will be a Comic Metaverse of distincts NFTs Collection, in this collection we'll learn about the story of our protagonist Hamsters and also we'll explore a magic world of adventure, action and drama.

This is the first sketch of our Comic Metaverse in collaboration with Brawl Turtles 3D.

Cover hamster-4.jpg

The Team


Gangster Hamster

Project Lead






Shill Machine



The Advisor